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Submental Liposuction for Double Chin Reduction

Double chin reduction through submental liposuction can transform someone’s face. By giving the chin and jowl definition, it can improve your overall look and youthfulness.

What Are the Benefits of Submental Liposuction?

The typical impacts of maturing or gaining weight may frequently result in undesirable fat around the neck just below the chin. Submental liposuction in New York, NY performed by Dr. Klausner confronts troublesome fat on the neck to revive and recover your look with numerous impressive upsides, like:

  • Minimizes a double chin
  • Adds definition to the jawline
  • Increases definition to the chin
  • Defines and revises your profile
  • Obtains a more vibrant appearance
  • Eradicates difficult, unwelcome fat on the neck and chin zones
  • It may be grouped with other facial plastic surgeries or a chin implant
  • The recovery period is quick
  • Scarring is nominal and practically imperceptible

How does submental liposuction work?

Submental liposuction removes excess fat from under the chin and around the neck. Female facial plastic surgeon Dr. Klausner will make a small incision under your chin in order to remove the fat.

Who is an ideal candidate for submental liposuction?

Submental liposuction is ideal for patients who have stubborn fat under the chin and around the neck that will not go away despite exercise and a healthy diet. Some patients can achieve a more defined and sculpted look through submental liposuction alone; however, for others, submental liposuction may enhance the appearance of saggy skin. For these patients, Dr. Klausner combines submental liposuction with FaceTite by InMode, a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift. FaceTite is a facial contouring device that uses radiofrequency to contract and tighten the skin. You can visit the FaceTite page on our website for more information on this highly effective additional procedure.

Submental liposuction FAQs

Does submental liposuction hurt?
Some patients report mild discomfort during and after the procedure. Dr. Klausner will numb the area before starting submental liposuction to help minimize any pain. We also provide detailed post-operative instructions to help ensure a smooth recovery. Our goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Is submental liposuction safe?
Yes, submental liposuction is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure when performed by a trusted professional. Dr. Klausner is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who has performed countless successful treatments with excellent results. Patients with concerns or questions are encouraged to discuss them in full with our team.

Do results from submental liposuction look natural?
Absolutely! Dr. Klausner takes great care in creating natural-looking results that complement your overall appearance. Submental liposuction can help you achieve a more youthful, refreshed look without anyone knowing you’ve had work done. And since we combine submental liposuction with FaceTite by InMode, you can enjoy tighter skin in addition to fat reduction.

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Countless patients have turned back the clock with this powerful and effective treatment, but as a complex and sophisticated procedure, it's not something you want to leave in just anyone's hands. As a renowned and vastly experienced female cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner can help you achieve the look you desire. Call today to book your initial consultation at our Park Avenue location in New York, NY, and take your first steps toward claiming a lean and glamorous visage.

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