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About Brow liftS

Signs of the aging brow and forehead occur to varying degrees from patient to patient. At the Klausner Institute in Manhattan, Lee Ann M. Klausner, M.D. has a great talent for identifying the best possible solution. This is due to her personal interest, knowledge of facial anatomy, experience, and surgical skill in traditional and modern cosmetic procedures for the face.

Regardless if it is correction with BOTOX®, other popular injectables, or a surgical lift, Dr. Klausner’s artistic eye and attention to detail will produce natural-looking results for your procedure at our office in Upper East Side, New York, NY.

What is a brow lift?

Traditional brow lift surgery involves an incision along the hairline from ear to ear, lifting the skin and adjusting the muscles in the brow. The result can be dramatic for those with significantly saggy brows but can appear unnatural for those with mild brow heaviness and sagging. Taking needed steps to prevent this kind of surgery is becoming more and more common. Today, brow lift and forehead lift patients have options, including BOTOX and other injectable medications. Those who are displeased with the position of their brow or have excess upper eyelid skin may be good candidates for either a surgical or nonsurgical brow lift with or without upper eyelid surgery.

Who is a candidate for a brow lift?

Patients will undergo a consultation with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Klausner so she can listen to your needs and fully examine the treatment areas. We then discuss options to rejuvenate your brow and forehead. Dr. Klausner may also show before-and-after photos and answer any questions as they come up. Those who would benefit from a surgical procedure will be given pertinent information to take home and read at their leisure. Qualified candidates can then return to her New York office to discuss how to best prepare for the recommended procedure. She will see to it that you fully understand how brow lift surgery and post-operative recovery work.

What Are The Benefits Of A Brow Lift?

The aesthetic benefits you can achieve with a personalized brow lift procedure performed by Dr. Klausner include:

  • A refreshed, more alert, and younger appearance
  • Smoothing facial creases (forehead lines, angry 11's between the eyebrows)
  • Restoring the natural arch to your eyebrows
  • Reducing sagging in the upper eyelids
  • Minimizing the appearance of Crow's feet
  • Opening up the eyes
  • Dramatic, long-lasting, and natural-looking results

Why do my eyebrows look flat?

As we age, the natural arch of the eyebrow descends due to wrinkles and a loss of fullness between the brow and forehead. The eyebrow can even droop, pushing the skin on the upper eyelid downward. The more the brow falls, the more it accentuates the signs of aging around the eyes, resulting in the need for not only a brow lift but also an upper blepharoplasty to restore a more youthful look.

What is the next step?

If you are in good health, have realistic expectations, and are concerned about the aging of your forehead or brow, you are ready to take your next step by scheduling a brow lift consultation with female facial plastic surgeon Dr. Klausner at her New York, NY office. Schedule your initial consultation today, and let the renowned Klausner Institute manage all your aesthetic procedure needs.

Brow lift FAQs

Should I get a brow lift or a facelift?

Many times, signs of aging can take place in more than just the forehead region. If you have wrinkles or loose skin in the mid to lower face, facelift surgery may be worth consideration. Dr. Klausner can perform an assessment and make recommendations for maximum results.

Will I look fake?

Our clinic has performed countless successful brow lift procedures for patients in New York. Whether you want results that are subtle or dramatic, Dr. Klausner can create outcomes that make you appear more awake and alert in a natural way. An experienced professional works with your facial structure and anatomy every step of the way.

Can I just use BOTOX?

Not necessarily. BOTOX is a good option for patients who want subtle results, but keep in mind that your outcomes are temporary. You will need to return for follow-up appointments every few months. Injections like BOTOX also don't remove excess or sagging skin in the brow.

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