What Happens If Septal Perforation Is Left Untreated?

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A septal perforation is a condition when a hole opens in the septal wall that splits the nose into two separate nasal cavities. The perforation produces a single cavity, making it harder for air to flow through the nasal passage. If this happens, you may experience problems like chronic dryness and soreness in the area, and you may be more susceptible to nasal infections due to the perforation.

Proper treatment of septal perforation is critical to your health, and double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner can help resolve this condition. Lee Ann M. Klausner M.D., PLLC provides expert septal perforation repair for patients near Lennox Hill, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, and the Upper Eastside.

Below are several health risks that may occur if septal perforation is left untreated.

Increased risk of infection

If your septal perforation isn't treated soon enough, you will be more likely to experience nasal infections. An infection can occur as more tissues are exposed to bacteria, which can enter the cartilage in the nasal passage. The nasal mucosa is especially susceptible at this point, as this tissue will dry faster when there’s a perforation. Air will be trapped in the area due to poor airflow in the region, causing further harm.

Bleeding can occur

You will also be more susceptible to nasal bleeding if your perforation stays intact. The increased dryness in the tissue can produce crusting and scabbing around the tissue, which can be aggravated and produce bleeding if handled too much.

Potential nasal collapse

One problem we often find at Lee Ann M. Klausner, M.D., PLLC involving nasal perforations is a collapse of the nasal tissue. A collapse occurs when one part of the nasal airway is completely covered, making it even harder to breathe out of the nose. The issue can trigger further irritation in the tissue.

Can a septal perforation resolve on its own?

While some septal perforations can correct themselves, there’s no guarantee this will happen. A perforation may heal if it is deeper inside your nasal passage and is small enough, but in most cases, this does not occur. You’re more likely to experience the perforation getting worse if you don’t receive the proper treatment.

How is a septal perforation treated?

Dr. Klausner can help manage your perforation. The repair process can entail placing a graft in between the membranes, although the process for fixing the opening will vary by patient. The closure will be sealed off and will take a few months to heal, so avoiding smoking or excess stress in the area will be necessary to help manage your situation.

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