What Causes Septal Perforation?

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A septal perforation is a bothersome condition that can produce various irritable symptoms around your nasal area, including a runny nose, breathing issues, and nasal bleeding in some situations. The perforation occurs when a hole develops in the nasal septum. This puncture allows air to move between both sides of the nose instead of restricting airflow to each side.

The condition can be bothersome, but it can be treated with septal perforation repair. Double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner at Lee Ann M. Klausner MD, PLLC in Manhattan, NY is highly skilled in this complex procedure with a high rate of success treating patients near Carnegie Hill, Lenox Hill, Yorkville, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, NY, as well as Westchester and Greenwich, CT.

The following is a list of reasons that can cause septal perforation:

Prior surgical procedures

Septal perforation often develops from a prior nasal surgical procedure. Parts of the septal cartilage that have undergone surgery could become weak and break apart, producing perforation.

Injury to the area

A fracture or other impact on your nose is a common cause of septal perforation. A sports-related injury or trauma from a car wreck or another event damage the tissue, leading to a separation.

Autoimmune disorders

Patients with autoimmune diseases have a higher risk of septal perforation. Renal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and vasculitides are among the most common immune conditions that can weaken the septal area when the immune system attacks healthy tissue.

Nasal drug use

Drug use is a common cause of septal perforation. Nasal decongestants, like oxymetazoline, can weaken the tissue. The constriction of blood vessels that serve the septal membranes will cause the membranes to die off because they aren’t getting enough oxygen. The tissue will break apart when it doesn’t receive the oxygen it requires.

The use of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, will cause the situation to become worse. Many of these drugs are abrasive and can include borax and other items that will break apart the cartilage in the nasal tissue. Sometimes, the damages to the nose from cocaine use can become severe to where it cannot be repaired.

Is it possible for the tissue to undergo repair?

A septal repair procedure can help fix the perforation. The septal tissues must be elevated to allow a covering that makes it easy for the tissue to stay protected. A small graft may also be necessary for the treatment.

The goal of the treatment is to ensure blood can flow around the cartilage area. You can also practice self-care by avoiding smoking or using nasal decongestants and other items that impact the nasal tissue.

Learn how you can get your septal perforation repaired

A septal perforation can be a painful and bothersome concern, but it doesn’t have to be a life-long worry. Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who understands what you need when receiving the care you deserve. You can visit Lee Ann M. Klauser MD, PLLC or contact Dr. Klausner online to learn more about septal perforation repair.

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